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We are a small community, living in between the realm of what has been and what is yet to come.


Now we’re here, like you on Skull Avenue.


Located on the blockchain, we’re embarking on an ever-lasting journey, travelling through the Solana universe.


4.444 unique NFTs

We live according to three principles: uniqueness, fairness and randomness


Over 150 unique attributes

Meet the Creators

The brains - moritzzilla

He is a Maestro. He uses herbs, mixes words and transforms art to heal his nerves.
A little nerd, NFT and leadership mastermind always at work. basically, rocketscientist aint got shit on him.

JAY - The artist

She is the Enfant Terrible of the group. After travelling the world, she spend some time with yetis and decided to give misfits, freaks and nerds a voice. So let´s go to the beach and keep creating dope ass shit until someone notices. Punkrock forever.

The feelgood manager - FLEA

He has a master in philosophy. Grown up in a vine barrel, he knows creativity goes through the stomach. Good food, drinks and feeling comfortable are essential for success. Cheers

ZED - The lawYer

He's just a simple lawyer, his law firm only serves one special client. But you shouldn't mess with him if you don't want to wake up with a horse's head in your bed...